Recent Happenings

 Here is Carter with Bella.  We gave the dogs away, since we were planning on moving to Germany.  Now we aren't heading to Germany....the army rejected us -me- because of my diabetes.  We don't know if it's a new policy or what, but we're hoping to be heading to Colorado Springs instead.  Not too bad a trade off, I might add.  Anyway, whoops for getting rid of the dogs early!  Sorry Sarah and Bella....kind of sorry. 
 Josh and Sarah.  So cute!
 Carter turned 4 in April.  He had a Ninjago/Pirate party.  Here, all the boys are blowing out the candles with Carter.  He was too embarrassed to do it all by himself--he doesn't like being the center of everyone's attention--but he loved the idea of everyone blowing out the candles.  We had about 15 little boys over and it was complete chaos and fun! 
 Ryan has been spending nearly all of his free time working on the house, now that we're trying to sell it before our unknown move.  Here the boys had the chance to help him out a bit, putting rocks around the trees.  And let me tell you, they were great helpers.
 About a month ago, I took the boys to meet up with some friends at a really fun picnic area at the reserve (kind of like a natl' park, right?).  It had rest rooms, fire pits, a field of grass, a little hike, and fun picnic tables.  We loved it and have been back a few times since.
 Ryan got to go shooting grenades, or something manly, with some army friends.  I think he enjoyed himself.  Looks pretty GI Joe here if you ask me!
The other day our friend invited us to swim at her pool, and the boys were so excited.  Here Carter is giving me his best pirate impression.  Arrgh!