Asbury Park - Sept 1, 2007

So we figured that it was about time that we all take a little trip to the beach. So seeing as how we had a nice long vacation because of Labor Day, all of LDS guys from NYU got together with our wives (those of us who have them) and went to Asbury Park, NJ. It was Josh's first time at the beach, and he loved it! Well, I guess that's not true. He loved it up until the point where I put his feet into the cold water. After that point he lost control of his emotions (like children often do). After that he was extremely mad at his dad, and had to be passed of to mom to be calmed down.
The beach was beautiful though. We were also able to play some sand volleyball and frisbee. If anyone every wants to go, the beach was only about an hour from us. We do have beaches here on Staten Island, but I don't know what to think of them. I've actually never been to them, but just thinking that it is near to where the Hudson River empties just makes me wary about getting in the water here. From the sounds of it they are always pulling up bodies there, and there is lots of sewage (to name a couple things).