Tag, I'm it!

Okay, so I've been waiting for someone to want to tag me, and finally my turn has arrived. (Didn't you hate waiting to be picked in kickball, thinking you're not as cool as those picked before you? Maybe I'm the only one with this issue, but I think not.)
The six things about me you might not, but maybe do, know:

1. I absolutely love to play the piano and sing. When I was in college, we girlies had an old piano in our house, and I would always call together little singing sessions. It actually became quite well known, and if I ever went out on a date with a guy, it usually included a musical moment, just ask Ryan. (He sang the Rainbow Connection in a Kermie voice on our first date....)

2. I've always wanted to be a blonde. When I was little, all my dolls were blonde; I made a little spool doll that had blonde hair, and I always wanted Sleeping Beauty's hair. And I tried that sun-in stuff, my mom wouldn't go for tint or highlighting, which basically made me an orange-head for a few months. I've gotten over this issue, and now want dark dark hair. Hmmm.

3. To go along with number 2, I was very much a princessy girl when I was little. I was all into barbies, princesses, make up, fashion, cheerleading, etc. I think I changed my mind once I hit puberty and didn't look very cute in the cheerleading skirts. Or maybe it was when I got glasses... Now I'm more on middle ground; maybe that's because Josh claims whatever I'm wearing for his spit-up territory.

4. I have never had a cavity. I've always been very proud of this; however, Ryan thinks he may have spotted one. So now I'm really really upset.

5. I love spray butter and gum. The spray butter tastes like the real thing to me, but with out the fat, so I feel as it I stuck it to some random man. I use it on everything and buy it in bulk. Talking about bulk, I've been known to put down a good amount of gum in a short amount of time. Before my pregnancy I would say I was ill; anyone who knew me knew that I was addicted to gum (at least a pack a day). During pregnancy I lost interest, and now I'm slowly (okay, rather quickly) gaining it back.

6. I love how smart my husband is. I never knew I really cared about it until Ry and I broke up and I dated some other guys who weren't as quick on the up take. It was hard to say something and not have the guy get what you were doing. A lot of funny jokes went unlaughed at during that time, and when Ryan and I got back together, I knew I would never take his wittyness and intelligence for granted again.

I tag: Shannon, Julee, Kristin, Rustin, Aubri, and Christy, once she gets a blog going. By the way, if you've already done this, don't worry about doing it again....Unless you have more you want to say!

Cruel and Unusual

Someone said that we needed to post things on our blog other than Josh. Well, there isn't too much to say, Katie and I lead an uneventful life (other than Josh). Here is my weak attempt at a post that is not Josh oriented.

My cousin Chad is visiting us here in New York as he is interviewing at 2 podiatry schools in the area. One is in Manhattan (NY School of Podiatric Medicine) and one in Philadelphia (Temple). Obviously Katie and I are trying to sell NY, but I don't know how successful we are being.

That being said, I just gotta share this video of Josh. You can see how cruel his mother can be towards him...

So much for not focusing on Josh.

Holy Spit!

The other day we were having dinner with some friends in the ward, and I made some spitting noises at Josh. Being the genius that he is, he picked up on it. Lately he has been doing it non-stop all day long. Of course, when the camera is on he gets a little shy... The latest, however, is he likes to fake cough. I will have to save that for a later post.

Note: I had to cut the video down from its original size so that it would play on here. Just imagine him doing this over and over all day long!

Some of my favorite things

My dad and two brothers, along with Ryan ( and my brother-in-law Jason, and Ryan's family), make up the best guys in the world.

This is when Josh and I pretend to play while actually posing for pictures.

Katie's joining the blogging ranks

So Ryan invited me to take part in our family blog and, as usual, I decide he's probably got a good idea in mind, so here I am! Hopefully I will be able to add a genteel feminine point of view for the Allen gang, right? Right.
Last week I went out to Utah to spend some time with my family before Tom (my little bro) heads out on his LDS mission to Switzerland. It was well worth the trip to spend some last moments with Tom. However, he's not dead, so I'm sure there will be more moments in the future
This picture of Josh was taken by my dad while my mom ran around around with baby toys, trying to keep Josh picture-friendly. This is my favorite picture EVER of my baby. I think they should go professional, don't you?

Can you say disappointment??

Last night I wasted 5 hours of prime studying time in order to attend New York's famous Village Halloween Parade. Basically, over 50,000 people dress up in costumes and march down 6th Avenue from Spring Street to 21st street (something like that). Word is that over 2,000,000 people show up annually to watch the people walking down the street in their various get-ups. Seeing as how Katie and Josh have been in Utah for about a week, I figured I might as well hang out in the city for the night. Let me just say something to all of you that have been planning trips centered around this parade: don't bother.

I, along with my classmates that were with me, decided that it wasn't really worth our time. First of all, the streets were lined about 10 rows deep of people trying to see the show. Being on the 7th row of people made it a little difficult to see anything. The first 2 minutes of the parade were pretty cool. There were large skeletons and things of that nature that were impressive. I've posted a picture of them (I took some with my phone but they didn't really turn out to well, so I snagged these ones off the internet. I did, however, actually see these things.).

I came to the conclusion that the parade was mostly a chance for some of New York's amazing citizens to cross-dress. I would guess that 40% of the guys in the parade were actually in women's clothing. Even the guys who didn't dress in women's clothes found ways to express themselves in a similar fashion. For example, there was a guy dressed as a bumblebee. He ran around prancing, and saying in a high pitched voice "Buzzz, Buzzz!" It actually was pretty funny. Then I looked and saw that he was in high heels, and I just had to roll my eyes.

There were some pretty funny costumes though. Let's see what I can remember: Jim Halpert as a 3-hole punch, Mario & Princess, The lady from The Ring coming out of a TV screen, the Little Green Giant, Anna Nicole Smith, Strong Bad, Michael Jackson, BeetleJuice, The Burger-King King, Catwoman, a drinking cup, a giant leaf, plenty of beer bottles, KISS, Clifford the great big dog, and plenty of superheroes, nurses, maids, police & any other inappropriate and shameful costume you can imagine.

Probably won't be attending next year though...