Never Do That Again

I've been told I'm long overdue for a post. As I sit here trying to think of something to blog about, I recall something that Katie asked me not too long ago. I vowed that after this incident I would blog it, and the time has come.

Let me set the stage.

I've never been accused of having too much facial hair. In fact as I sit here in class I can pick out a few girls who can grow more facial hair than I can. I don't know who that reflects worse upon. But I digress. Unlike those guys who need to shave every day, I can usually go through a good 3 days without shaving, with no negative side effects. Sometimes I'll go 4 days, but by then I usually start looking like Adam Morrison. I try to avoid this.

Due to the sparseness of hair follicles both above & below my mouth area, I only use an electric razor. Fast forward to Katie's question...

"Ryan, does your skin burn after you shave your face?"

"Well," I respond, "every once in awhile it does, but usually I..." and then I think to myself, why in the world would she care?

At this point I stop answering, and begin asking why she is so concerned as to the sensitivity of my face. Katie began backpedaling, and became extremely reticent. Now I had to know what was going on, so I decided to hark back to the skills I learned on my mission for interrogating people. You know what I mean, discovering investigators doubts and then resolving them... Anyway.

After many back and forth comments, I found out that Katie, unable to find her razors, and with an overpowering urge to shave her armpits, decided that my facial razor would do the trick. Not so much. I wanted to be mad, but I could only laugh. And I laughed every time she complained about her armpits for the next few days. Lesson learned I think.

My only question is, how many of you women out there have done the same thing, and just not been caught doing it? Guys, I think we need to be more vigilant in defending our razors.

Fun in the semi-sun

This week is Ry's spring break, and although we haven't done much, a lot of it has been spent running errands, we were able to get out and go to the Bronx Zoo for the one day that was somewhat warm.Ryan wasn't very impressed with the zoo (he said Hogle zoo puts it to shame--props to my grandpa, aka retired director of the zoo) but I liked it, and Josh had a blast. The main reason it wasn't as exciting as it could have been is because it is still the winter season, so a lot of the animals weren't there. Luckily we were able to go Wednesday which is donation day...:) Josh's favorite animals were the mom and baby giraffes. He kept talking about them all day. I've got to admit they were pretty cute. He had a few rough moments, like wanting to take every picture BY HIMSELF with out listening to reason, and wanting to push the stroller BY HIMSELF even though he got frustrated with it....ah, the joys of toddlerhood. It was a lot of fun, though, and Ry and I didn't even mind the horrible traffic coming back because Josh took his nap on the drive home.When we got home, I hosted YW's at my house because we were cooking. Little did I know that my co-leaders and YW and their moms were going to throw me a shower!! I was so surprised, and it was so sweet of them. When my good friend Rachel showed up (she's a counselor), she told me not to eat a big dinner because of the dessert we were planning on for later. I didn't really listen to her though, and I regretted it later, because they brought pizza, California rolls, chips, and dessert! We played games and had presents and I honestly felt so....loved. Haha. It was really sweet.

We've started talking to Josh about the potty and putting him on before he takes a bath, and he's been telling us when he's going #2 (Won't Josh love this piece of history when he's 15?), but we haven't officially started potty training. Well, last night when we were changing him into pajamas, Ryan asked if he needed to go to the bathroom. He acted like he might need to, so Ryan ran him into the bathroom and Josh stood on his step-up stool while I ran some water. It was so funny--all of the sudden Josh said "It's coming!", and a few seconds later, Josh went in the potty! We gave him a sucker for going, and then today he did it again, again telling us that "It's coming!" Funny kid.

Last thing is mainly for the grandparents, but it's Josh singing the ABCs. He's such a talker, it's crazy to hear the things that come out of his mouth. We're pretty happy to have this little guy in our family.

Chugging Along

So we have some good news: Josh's collar bone is healed! We had so many problems trying to find a doctor that took our insurance and saw children that we actually didn't see a doctor until three weeks after Josh broke his then it was basically healed. The doctor wanted me to bring Josh back four weeks from then to take one last x-ray, but considering I'll have just given birth and the doctor lives in Brooklyn I've decided to forgo that appointment. We are really sick of doctors! I go twice a week for my OB appts, and we've had to see doctors for Josh, so I don't feel too guilty about one less visit.

Well, I'm now 36.5 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how quick this pregnancy has seemed to go. Actually though, when I stop and think that I was pregnant in August, it does seem like a long time. I still have no real complaints. My blood sugar levels are great: my HbA1C was 5.7!! For those who don't know (which excluding Heidi Nelson and family is probably everyone), that's an awesome number. I'm just so grateful to have been able to control my sugars so well with out a good doctor, and believe me, I know it's not all due to me. I had a lot of help from above. I'm very lucky to have a husband who can give priesthood blessings; they've been so instrumental in getting little Carter here with out complications due to diabetes. The one thing that's changed is that I'm starting to feel a lot of pressure (physically, not emotionally, haha). I don't really remember feeling it with Josh, so I don't know if it means anything. My doctor here doesn't check to see how dialated you are unless you complain of any problem, which I think is really weird. Is it just me? Maybe I'll tell him I'm feeling lots of pressure and that that's problem enough for me to want to be checked. I mean, besides my doctor, who wouldn't check on something like that?
Anyway, going back to the middle of the last paragraph, you might have caught on that we're going to name this kid Carter. We've really struggled with coming up with a name, but we both like Carter, and so does Josh. :) His full name will be Carter Evan Allen, unless he comes out looking like a Luigi or something, but I highly doubt that.
This week is spring break for Ryan, so we're pretty happy about that. We won't be going anywhere due to doctor appts and me being very pregnant, but we are planning on going on a small hike, taking a trip to the Bronx Zoo, and just enjoying having Ryan around. Josh really dotes on his father, and I think it'll be really good for Josh to have one last time where he has his dad to himself.

Below: Josh's first attempts at capturing the life of Ryan and Katie.