It's a....


I'm envisioning three handsome little men, sitting in a row on a church bench, wearing white shirts and ties....three little buddies running around the house, playing baseball together, and building forts...three sweet boys loving on their mom, ganging up on dad in a game of wrestling, and taking care of each other.....three little boys who are all slight variations of their attractive father.....

A girl can dream, right? :)


So the first big item news of the day is this: my little brother is married! Tom and Sissi got married on the 13th in Germany, in the Freiburg temple. (I honestly thought it was the Dresden temple, but there is no such temple on the website so I'm guessing I thought wrong). They'll be living in Germany for around 5 years...that's one incentive for us to move to Germany after dental school! Anyway, I really wish I could've gone; first off to support Tom and Sissi, and second off because I would love to go to Germany. :) Congrats Tom and Sissi!
Okay, so there isn't really any more big news. This week is a big one for us, though. We find out on Wednesday if we're having a boy or a girl (how do people not find out, I'm already going crazy!) and on Saturday we head out to Utah for some family time. We are super excited.

Carter loves wearing glasses. Especially when he gets his picture taken.

He's learned that if he's patient enough to sit for a picture, that he can come up to the camera to see himself after. He even lets me take a few. Smart, cute kid.

We went to play group one day, and Patty brought face paint. She ended up painting all of the kids' faces. (She's awesome like that). Josh was in heaven being a lion for 1/2 hr before he had to take it off for nap time.

We went to Central Park Zoo and Hecksher playground with our friends, the Amorinos, one Saturday. It was pretty fun! The boys kept holding hands at the zoo, but they couldn't coordinate their walk well enough for a good picture, so I had to step in to help steady them.

That's one large bear!

Carter wearing Josh's helmet. It was so heavy, he had to run to keep his head from toppling over.

One of the boys' favorite pastimes.

Cute boys.


Seventeen weeks...seems like I've been pregnant for a long time. How long does pregnancy last again?

Familiar face

I've been told I look like I belong in Ryan's family. There have been a few times that I was actually confused for Ryan's sister Nikki. I've always been extremely flattered and secretly proud to look like an Allen girl; I mean, have you seen Ryan's family? (Hard thing to marry into, my friends). However, it dawned on me the other day, that it's not that I look like them, it's that I look like everybody.
To support my case: In middle school, teachers always confused me with a friend named Heidi. In high school it changed to friends named Mary and Tiffany. At church, people thought my YW leader could've been my older sister. Here's a funny story: the 1st counselor in the Bishopric at my home ward (in high school), came up to me one day and asked me how Lagoon was. I told him that I hadn't gone to Lagoon. Turns out this man had actually gone up to talk to "me" at Lagoon, and came home still believing it was me who (or whom?) he talked to. I have also been told I look like Tara Lapinski, Mandy Moore, and Liv Tyler (Yeah...I think a few were meant as flattery since they came from the opposite
Since being here in New York, I've been literally confused for Jamie, Katie S., Aubri, Ali, and Catlin in my church ward. Ward members, landlords (apt is in the same house), and neighbors have all told Catlin and I many many times that we look like sisters....really Catlin, it's me, not you.
Maybe all of this mixing-up because I tend to adopt other people's mannerisms. I honestly can't stop myself from talking, laughing, or acting like the people I'm with. -I know I'm doing it, I just don't know how to stop it.- Maybe I'm just a wanderer with no true identity. Maybe I should dye my hair red...there aren't as many redheads in the world...Anyway. I don't know the true point of this post, except now I feel that because I look like everybody, I really look like nobody. At least that means I don't have some huge ugly nose or something...heh, just a pokey-out ear. :)
In all actuality, I look exactly like my dad, except I come in the female version. My sisters looks exactly like my mom. So, funny enough, my real-live blood sister, Erin, and I don't ever get confused for the other. Maybe it's because she has a natural tan. Life can be so unfair.

Here's my real family. Miss dark-skinned Erin is near the back.

Ryan's mom and sisters and me. Sigh, and I used to think I was one of them...

My pseudo-sister Catlin.

Jaimie, after we all ran the 4mile race around Central Park. (Wish you were still in Staten Island!)

Katie S. Tell me that's not gonna confuse some older women...

Aubri. And no, Ryan didn't grow 8 inches...

The man who started it all...

PS. Please don't be mad if I posted about you....:)