The past week Katie's family has been here visiting us. We've hung out in the city, and also visited Washington DC & Gettysburg. Here are some pictures from the past little bit:

I made this cake for a fund-raiser Katie helped put on for the Young Women. I made 4 separate cakes for this, and it must've weighed 10 pounds. The cardboard base it is sitting on had a width of about 2 feet and the length was a little longer. Yes, it's a volcano...

Josh got some alphabet magnets for his birthday, and he loves playing with them!

While in DC Josh and I took our first trip to McDonalds together while the others were out seeing the sites. He got his first Happy Meal - chicken nuggets. You can see his initial reaction. In the end he seemed to like it though.

Arlington Cemetery.

The Temple in DC.

Gettysburg. This is on top of Cemetery Hill where most of the Union artillery was located.

Trying to entertain Josh on the ride home. It was a tough job.

Fun Fun Fun

We had a lot of fun this past little while. The Saturday of the 31st we celebrated Ry's birthday and had some friends over. We ordered chinese, played, ate homemade oreos (instead of cake at Ryan's request) and ice cream, and had a great time. And luckily for us, Josh's birthday is just a few days later, so we got to celebrate all over again. For his official birthday, we just hung out as a little family. It was a bit stormy, so we headed to the Children's Museum, which was a blast. I've gone before, but Josh was too young then. I think his favorite thing was the super-sized connect four game--we had to literally pry his hands away. We also made him a little birthday cake, took his shirt off, and let him go at it. He mainly stuck his hands in the icing and then tried to get the icky stuff off his hands. It was like watching a cat with tape stuck to it's paws...pretty funny. I helped him take a few bites, and he eventually poked and prodded his way into his birthday cake, so I didn't feel like it was a total waste!

This last Saturday we had our "official" birthday party for Josh. Haha, well luckily the Yoshimura's showed up so we weren't all by ourselves. (Most of our friends were gone, so just for the record, the lack of attendance is not because we're uncool). Haha, I guess I should take some of the blame, since I sent out no invitations....Anyway, it turned out to be a blast! We met in Central Park at a little water park, and Josh and his best buddy Mac went right for the water. -Mac and his parents Cory and Noa moved into the ward a little while back, and Josh absolutely loves Mac. They're two weeks apart in age, and Josh observes everything Mac does and learns from him. He also tends to kiss Mac, which is surprising because our child tends to be friends forever, I think.- Anyway, back to the water....No fear, I tell you! They were good examples for the big kids who were scared of the water....:) I love this first picture with Mac--I can hear him thinking, "Bring it on". To make a long story a bit shorter, we all decided to spend the day together and went to the toy store FAO Schwartz and played on the big piano (only $250,000), went to Nike Town (five floors....lots of fun), and then went to a nice restaurant on South Street Seaport. The boys were like zombies near the end of it, but it was worth it.

We really miss our friends and family back in Utah (and everywhere else), but I tell you what! Days like this remind me that New York City is a lot of fun. In fact, if any of you want to experience it, we've got a great deal on a place to stay....

Sorry, these pictures are not in order....

What a brave little boy...
Ryan blowing out the candles on his oreo.
I guess this piano was in the movie "Big". Cory was appalled that I've never seen or heard of that film.We couldn't resist getting our picture with Harry, Hagrid, and Ron in their Lego form. My brother Jeff would be going crazy for this kind of opportunity!
Checking out the competition at the park.

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Josh did not like the fake raft going over the fake water...I have to admit, it was pretty intense.