Sister Sister!

Man, we have been busy busy! Last week my sister Erin came to visit us (minus hubby and kiddos) all the way from Hawaii. It was so much fun! We honestly did not stop from the time we picked her up from the airport to the timewe dropped her off. She came bearing gifts...and I was blown away by how creative and talented she is! Honestly, she stole all of the creative genes. No joke. She made me a purse and the boys all got teddy bear backpacks. She bought the bears from Good Will; took out the stuffing and washed it and the bears; stuffed it all back, cut open the tummy and lined it; and put in a zipper and straps. The boys absolutely love them. Anyway, there's a bajillion things I couldsay, but instead I'll just go by days...
Tuesday we picked Erin up and hung out. Of course, picking her up was crazy because she dropped her phone and it shattered, and her flight said United Airlines when in was really Continental. Luckily, Erin called Jason who called me who was freaking out but drove to the right terminal to pick up Erin.
Wednesday, Catlin, my awesome friend/downstairs neighbor, watched the two older boys while Erin and I went shopping. (I've found it's dangerous to go shopping with other women...if I want to be frugal it's best to go with my husband). That night we went to the broadway play, Wicked. It was amazing, of course!
Erin did my hair, hemmed and added that yellow pleat deal you see there to my dress, just so I could enjoy "Wicked" in style.

Thursday, we went into the city so Erin could meet with her publisher. Yes, I just said publisher. Erin's getting her picture book, "'A' is for Muskox", published this coming fall. Honestly, she's got more creativity in her little pinky...back to Thursday. I was in the city, by myself, with three children, while Erin went out to eat with her publisher. We walked into McDonalds and all heads turned to us. I took a few deep breaths, pushed the double stroller in, with Landon in a carrier on my front, and ordered our chicken nuggets. We may have had a few crazy moments, but all in all, we did just fine!

That doesn't look too crazy, does it? Hah.

Friday, we went to the Statue of Liberty. That's it. Even though it took us about five hours. It was pretty cool, though. We got to walk into the base of the statue and see how big she really is, and how high up it is. Josh and Carter walked up the stairs all by themselves, and Erin saved the day by running down them with Josh to take him to the bathroom. To this day, I'm still wondering how they made it.

Cute little Landon was ready to go home after a cool/cold day at Liberty Island.

Josh wore this headband all over, the first day we went into the city. He insisted this was the way to wear it, too!

Saturday, Ryan watched the two older boys (they were worn out!) while Erin, Landon, and I headed into the city. We went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), China town, and somewhere else...hmm. Maybe I shouldn't be typing this at night. Anyway, we both loved MOMA, but Erin loved it more. Being a creative, artistic soul, she couldn't help but be thrilled at all of the art. Funny thing, Erin kept laughing at different random pieces of art, she loved them, and they all turned out to be by the same artist. It was funny to walk into a room, see Erin laugh and love a quirky piece of art, and go over to see the name of the same artist, Marcel something or other, over and over again.
Erin and Starry Night: two pretty things in one picture.

Erin's favorite quirky artist's piece of art. If you don't get it, ask Erin.

Sunday, Erin came to sacrament meeting at church and then it was off to the airport.
It was a bummer to see her go. We had a lot of laughs, crazy weather, and good good conversation. We've always gotten along (well, like sisters do), but I felt like this time we were more similar. We've grown more alike, and it was funny to listen to her laugh, because I know that I laugh exactly the same way. Erin, thanks for coming, and next time, I'll come to Hawaii!

Mr. C turns two

Carter with Grandpa Farnsworth in August of '09.

On Sunday, my second born, my joker, my sweet little guy, turned two. We were going to have some friends over to celebrate, but that cough/fever that I had during the marathon transferred to my older two boys the following Sunday and then to my baby on that next Wednesday. Basically we were all still hacking up a lung, so we decided to cancel. Instead we opened presents, watched (or tried to watch) General Conference, and then went out to dinner. We got Carter a baseball and mitt, a plastic golf club set, and a rocket thingy that's already duct taped up. Josh got Carter a Dora book, because Carter loves him some Dora. Adding the presents from the grandparents into the mix, Carter's been enjoying life. Josh liked the presents too, and told us that he wants all the same toys for his birthday, hah.

Yummy birthday cookie!
For dinner, we went to Perkins, which is definitely a family oriented restaurant. Right when we walked in, we were the center of attention. I think it was partly due to having a baby (I kept hearing, "Look at the baby") and partly due to having three kids ages three and under. Luckily, theywere somewhat well behaved so we didn't get the "What were you thinking?!" looks we usually get. My favorite part was at the very end, when they came out to sing to Carter. At first he was like, "What's going on..." but at the end, he was smiling his bashful smile and trying to avoid the looks of everyone in the restaurant. He was happy, though, just to lick off the whipped cream and sprinkles from his cookie, while in the background, Josh kept asking where his whipped cream was. (Birthdays teach us a lot about being patient and being happy for others!)
The boys actually did really well helping decorate the cake. Carter could not stop licking his his mama.

On Sunday, the boys and I decorated Carter's caterpillar cake, we tried to watch conference again, and then we had the missionaries over for Carter's birthday dinner and cake and ice cream. After getting three options (of which he wanted none), Carter was helped in his decision to have chips and dip for his birthday dinner. He ended up choosing it because he thought we'd eat at Anna's (his downstairs friend) house where they often eat it for lunch. Sorry, bud. Ryan made some chip dip along with yummy pulled pork that honestly did taste like the stuff from Cafe Rio. We had rice and tortillas with all the toppings and really had a great dinner.

Carter wearing his dinner

Then we sang to Carter and ate a somewhat dry but very awesome-looking cake and some yummy ice cream. We also all went around the table to say what our favorite things about Carter are. It was fun making the missionaries do it too. Josh said that his favorite thing about Carter is when he sits by him and watches movies. We won't say that he really just likes to watch movies...
Landon enjoyed the evening from his bouncer.

In honor of my favorite two year old, I thought I'd post some things about him that I never want to forget, things that make him Carter:
-Carter has some hilarious sayings:
-"I doan have money. Do you have money? Daddy has money."
-"Doan look at me!"
-"Doan laff at me!"
-"Josh, stop it! You go time out! 3--2--1!"
-"My favit!! (Favorite)
-"My favit Maffyew's house." (We ask what their favorite thing they did for the day was at dinner).
-"I doan like it. I full. My tummy hurt. I sick" (Liar).
-"Leave me aloan!"
-"He lock me out!"
-Whenever we pray, Carter will start praying for daddy to go to school to get home to go to church, to go to school...over and over. Usually that's all we can understand in his prayer, but he won't be persuaded to say otherwise.
-Carter has become very aware when others are watching him. He doesn't like for us to think he's cute/funny/someone to laugh about. He'll get very shy and bashful and that's when he tells us, "Doan look at me!"
-Carter is a protector. He can be rough with Josh, but if anyone else gets in a tussle with Josh, Carter totally has his back. He'll push around the older kids or use his mommy voice, "No (insert name here)! Leave him aloan!" He also tells Josh to leave Landon alone, hah.
-Carter is a bit bossy. :) Like I said before, Carter likes to tell people what to do, mainly Josh. He'll hold up his pointer finger and shake it at Josh, me, Ryan, or Landon and tell us to stop being naughty.
-Carter is a big tease. He knows when he's being funny, and he'll pursue it to get a laugh. I "accidentally" taught the boys to give wet willies (lick your pinkie and stick it in someone's ear), which they now do to me as well as my intended victim, their father.
-Carter is busy busy. He likes tv, but would much rather being doing something else. He loves sports, football in particular. He'll hold the ball and say, "Tackle!" and run you down. He loves to be tackled himself. For about a year, he had a permanent bruise on his forehead from running around. He's a mover and always has been.
-Carter is very independent. Having Josh first made me think I was just an awesome parent. He just needs to hear a firm voice and he'll do what you ask. However, with Carter, I can't just tell him what to do. No, I have to get up and do it with him, or stop him, or run after him, or save him. Hah.
-Carter loves to sing and dance, as long as you don't laugh. When the intermediate hymn came on during conference, we heard him singing along, high notes and all. He'll be crazy at church, but sit and open the hymn book once the song starts. But once he sees you admiring his talent, he gets all bashful and won't do it again. This leads to him never performing. Like I said before, we can usually get Josh to perform for us, but not Carter. That's why your rarely see a photo with him smiling.
-Carter loves girls. He loves to be kind to them. He loves to get them things and give them hugs. He loves Josh's little girl friends. Hopefully that doesn't lead to trouble between brothers...
-Carter is a tough guy, but he's extremely scared of bugs. It's pretty funny. We have a teeny fake spider from Halloween, and for months Carter would jump a mile high if he saw it near him. He starts breathing fast and kind of giggles nervously. He doesn't like bug stickers or anything that looks remotely real. Once he figures out the bugs are fake, he's fine, but it takes a while for that to happen.

I'll just end this by saying that I love my Carter so much. I love his spunky personality, I love how much he loves me and his dad and brothers and grandparents. He is one great little man, and I'm grateful to be his mama.

Best buddies.

The birthday boy opening a present...wrapped in Christmas decor.