Happy Birthday Dear Carter

Carter is an official three year old now! And what a three year old he is! We celebrated with a pirate birthday party-with about 15 kids in total. I find it hard to knowwho to invite and when to stop. So we tried to invite school and babysitting co-op friends, but then we couldn't forget our good friends who are moving away soon, and then we couldn't leave out one of our best friends, and so the list got rather long. It was a lot of fun though, and I didn't have to do a lot of planning, because just feeding the kids and opening the presents took up a lot of the time. Carter did a really good job of thanking and hugging all of the kids--he gets rather bashful when he's the center of attention.

It was pretty cute when we sang happy birthday to him. He was a bit apprehensive when we told him to blow out the candles, but once we told everyone to blow them out with him, he got a huge smile on his face and blew out the candles with his friends.

For Carter's birthday dinner, he wanted to go to the pirate restaurant. It was actually called The Three Amigos...hah. I loved it; probably because I ordered the best dish. At the end, the waiters/waitresses came out and put a sombrero on Carter and sang to him. He hid behind it the whole time--it was pretty funny. He must get that bashfulness from Ryan or something, because being sung to was what I liked best as a kid--being the center of attention for a whole minute while all the other kids looked on jealously.

Carter has such a sweet personality. He is the best 3 year old sharer I know of. At least when it comes to food. He loves to laugh with friends, to be entertained by them. He absolutely loves getting dirty in any way. He is a good sport about trying new things, whether it be some kind of play, new food, or new whatever. He loves to hide from people and jump out to "surprise" them. He loves to dance and color. He absolutely loves little figurines, especially Legos right now. He's into anything that has to do with pretend and loves to dress up. He loves Spiderman and transformers, not that he's seen any shows with any Superheroes in them...:) He loves to wrestle and go on dates with his dad, but I think he's still a mama's boy. I just love him and his sweet smile. I don't know of anything cuter than seeing that on my sweet boy's face.