Pictures galore

I found this "amazing deal" at Wal Mart...beach balls for two bucks. Little did I know how big they were! I blew one up and let the other one hang out in the garage. I think the first one sprang a little leak, though, since it was half-way deflated by lunch time. The boys had fun with it though, rolling over it and smashing their faces in the grass/dirt.

Carter's face post smash. I love this picture of him. It sums him up completely.

Josh has really started to enjoy drawing. He's become very meticulous with his pictures. I mean, look at those fingers! Look at those earrings! It looks just like me!

We decorated a "Halloween House" during General Conference weekend. (For those of you who might not know, that's when the leaders of the LDS church speak to all the members of the church. It's broadcast on radio and television).

Landon loved Josh's jawbreaker sucker that dad the dentist gave to him....

Some of the boys' new friends, Ethan, Mason, Ashton, and Sloan. Josh calls the Gailey boys (the three blondes) his cousins. Little Ashton and Carter are little buddies, especially when it comes to chasing after the neighbor's cat.

Landon also appreciates Carter sharing his juice box....

Ryan's superior officer gave him tickets to an Oklahoma Sooners football game, so he and Josh had a daddy date. Or a dad-son-hang out-cool time.

It wasn't until later that I realized Josh was making goofy faces. I still can't look at this picture with out busting a gut. Next time I'll take the gum out first....maybe.