It happened.  We sold our house in Oklahoma.

What a project it was.  I think when we bought the house we were a little naive about what it would take to totally renovate it.  I'm glad that Katie went along with another of my crazy projects.

I can't believe all that we were able to learn during this process.  What a blessing this house has been for us.  I'm sad to see it go, and can only hope that someday we will have a house as nice as this one.

That being said, now it's time to show the fruits of our labors (and to be honest, brag a little bit about what we did).

Below are the before and after shots of the house.  Enjoy.


Matt Hill said...

The only questionable make over you did was to get rid of the green machine ninja turtle room :-) That looks awesome guys, congrats on selling it.

Catlin said...

I loved your house so much! You guys did so much awesome work on it! So glad we have some memories there with you. We've been wondering if it sold, hopefully for a price you were happy with! :)

We totally missed you guys on Thanksgiving. We'll be together again someday! :)

Ben and Anna said...

Having now been part of 3 home remodels...and in the middle of one right now (I am at this moment avoiding removing wallpaper and texturing), HOLY COW!! What a lot of work! You guys did an AMAZING job!