29 weeks

So I am now 29 weeks prego. I'll just go ahead and pat myself on the back for making it this far, again. 3rd time around starts to get a bit more difficult. I've still had a pretty easy pregnancy, so I can't complain, but I will anyway because that's what pregnant women do, right? Hah! It seems that my body knows this isn't the first time doing this. Just like me, it's starting to complain more often than it used to. Ryan and I ultimately want six kids...here's to hoping, right? :)

This is a picture of me at 27 weeks. And yes, I'm kind of hiding my belly by accident. I don't know how to take professional prego pictures, I guess.

....And here I am at 29 weeks. Did something happen in there? I don't feel like I've gradually gotten bigger; my tummy growth seems to happen in spurts. And I'm not going to lie...I'm kind of hiding my belly again in this picture, but I looked skinniest in this one...and thanks, babe (aka Ryan) for taking it farther away, I think it helps. :)

Princeton, NJ

Yesterday we were spontaneous and decided to take a trip to Princeton, NJ to see the university. Luckily, the Rasmussens and Gedges were willing to be spontaneous with us. It took a little over an hour to get there. I'm always surprised at how close things are back here in the east. Now if only traffic would cooperate...Anyway, we spent the afternoon walking around Princeton University's campus. A few facts about the University: it's an Ivy league school, it was founded in 1746, originally the college of New Jersey located in Elizabeth, NJ. It moved to Princeton ten years later. If you've seen "A Beautiful Mind", that was filmed at Princeton. I couldn't get enough of the beautiful buildings and greenery. It was absolutely gorgeous. Besides dragging along 7 kids who each took turns causing trouble (mainly Josh having to go potty...there aren't a lot of those on campus), and making it to a pumpkin patch just as it closed, the trip was a success and one of my favorites. Take a look and see if you think it's as beautiful as I do.

These lions sit outside the Nassau Building, the oldest building on campus. It was built around 1754 I believe. I was being an awesome tour guide and told Joseph and Catlin that the building was actually moved from the original college in Elizabeth...Joseph was pretty surprised, and I was saying things like, "Yeah, isn't that amazing? Who knew they could move things like that back then?" Well, they didn't move it, I just thought they did when I read about it on Wikipedia...

The best family picture we got that day. Which isn't too bad considering there are three boys!

I can't really tell you what the rest of the buildings are. Just that they're pretty.

I'd be willing to travel far and wide to get a look at this beauty anytime.

I was standing with our friends while Ryan was taking Josh on one of their many bathroom breaks. I mentioned to them how the campus reminded me of Hogwarts, and they all gave me a look/snort that said I was a big geek face. I might admit it's not the most mature thing to talk about Harry Potter like it's a real thing, but what is all that wrong with having an imagination I ask you?

Latest Happenings

To review our past few months, we headed out to Utah during the last part of August and beginning of September and had a blast. We spent a little less than a week at both parents' houses, and to me, it wasn't quite enough time. Hah, I don't know if that can be said for the grandparents, but we'll pretend like they love to have us crash their homes for long periods of time. Josh and Carter did really well -except Carter got a cold (probably from the lack of sleep imposed by the unthoughtful parents)- and both Ryan and I thoroughly enjoyed the lack of responsibilities we had on the trip. We don't have a ton of pictures from our section of time spent in North Ogden, because Ryan bought a new, very nice, new camera (thank you army for that purchase) that was delivered to my parent's home. However, we had a great time at both spots, and trips like this remind me of how much I miss our families.

Josh playing at Park Discovery in Cedar City. Josh met a boy there and tried to hold a conversation with him. It got kind of difficult when the boy said his name was Rock Dude. Josh didn't think he could understand him (because who is named "Rock Dude", honestly), and kept asking him over and over what he was saying. (Can you see Carter in the background? Cute.)

Carter was able to keep up quite well with his bigger brother!

Ryan likes to say this picture is a tribute to my pokey-out ear. Not funny, Ry. Maybe I'll find a picture that's a tribute to something of yours!!

Somehow we luck out to be in Cedar over the Shakespearean Festival almost every year. I love taking the kids to the Green Show, and this year I think they actually enjoyed it. Maybe it's because we bought them a tart this time...He's getting to be so big. But really, he is.

Eating some corn from the garden. Man, store-bought corn does not compare! I'd like to say that it's because we're in New York that I don't garden, but actually I'm not what I would call an avid get-things-done kind of girl. I think I have a few more years I can get away with being a bit more lazy....

Ryan loves the Green Show. Carter too. :)

One of our favorite activities was playing in the sandbox. One day the boys were outside playing, and I ran inside to grab something. I feeling extremely guilty the whole time, allowing kidnappers the opportunity to swipe my kids. New York has forever changed me.

We found a potato bug, or a roly-poly if you prefer. I was proud of myself for holding it. I don't know why I've become one of those wimpy moms, but I do not like bugs. Maybe it's just the gross bugs with lots of feelers or legs...although potato bugs have a ton of legs...

Josh and Carter with their cute cousins Avery and Hayden. Josh and Carter, but especially Josh, were in heaven every time the girls came over. Now another girl has been added to the mix: little miss Ella. The girls are all sisters. We are totally in competition with them to make more boys than they do girls.