Happy Thanksgiving.

Okay....it's happening.  I'm scared of my blog.  So much has happened (of course), so I'm not going to make promises I won't keep about writing about it all.  Suffice it to say that we are all alive!  And happy.

My brother had us take pictures in front of a white wall for purposes unknown....hence these mug shot photos.

Ryan's done with his Army residency program and now works unsupervised on post.  I know he is really glad that he did the residency, but he's also really really glad to be more on his own.  We'll be stationed here in Oklahoma for 2.5 more years.  When Ryan's not at work, he's working on our house here at home.  Right now he's finishing up the master bathroom.  He's tiled just about every surface there is.  He's been doing so much around the house!

I've been busy trying to keep up with cleaning our new house!  Life is good and busy.  We had friends over for Thanksgiving, and luckily I didn't ruin the turkey.  And it was honestly a close call.  


Josh is doing really well in school.  He is such a good little boy.  He told me that he told his friends that we're all brothers and sisters, and he was surprised that they didn't believe him.  :) I can definitely tell he's learning little sayings at school, but so far he hasn't come home with anything naughty coming out of his mouth, so I'm grateful for that!

 Carter is so sweet.  He has become more timid the older he's become.  He loves to laugh and play with kids, but he doesn't like being the focus of any adult's attention.  He tries to avoid conversation and eye contact if he knows people are watching.  I'm one of the lucky few that gets to know the whole Carter!!

Landon is still a firecracker!  He goes to time out in nursery quite often for wrestling the other children...ha.  I guess that's what happens when you're the third boy!  Landon would much rather be naked than dressed.  He's happiest running around in a shirt and diaper...only because I make him wear a shirt.  :) He's really starting to talk, and it's so much fun to hear more of what goes on in his little head.

Here's the girls from Thanksgiving, minus Marianne.  There's Jasmin, Catlin, Katie, Aleisha, Tiffany, and Michelle.  We had a lot of fun!

 And a bit late, but here's our Halloween picture.  Josh was a ghost, Landon a construction worker (he wouldn't wear his race car costume!), and Carter a prince.  The fact that Carter wanted to be a prince melted my heart.

 This is just a cute picture I had to squeeze in.

We tried to get family pictures with our friends' help...but this is the best we got.  And by best, I mean, this is the best by far!  Maybe we'll make one more try before accepting defeat.