I like to move it move it!

This past weekend, we headed down to Washington DC so I could run in the National Half Marathon with my good friends Catlin, Natalie, and Christy. The drive down wasn't my or Ryan's favorite....3.5 hours transformed into 6ish since we had to stop 3 times to feed Landon. We made it to the hotel, a ritzy Hilton, in time for dinner. Of course we couldn't afford the food at the hotel, so Ryan headed out to grab some for us. Long story short, he came back with a sandwich for him and a salad I couldn't eat because they forgot to take the crumbled blue cheese off. Hah. The poor boys were going to get Burger King on his way back, but it was closed. Luckily we managed to put together some sort of meal from our snacks and hit the bed. Well, Ryan and I did. Carter was in a hotel crib, Josh on the floor, and Landon on a bouncer. I'm sure the hotel people were impressed with how high class we were!
I was a little bit nervous about running, because I had gotten sick a couple days before with a cough/slight fever. Luckily the days were a bit better than the nights, so I felt somewhat okay, hah, the day of the race. The girls and I met in the lobby at six and headed out to catch the subway, which opened an hour early at 6am for the day of the race (definitely not New York!). Well, turns out that we chose two of the subway stations that weren't open at 6am. It was so stressful running to a subway (after my lovely map sent us in the wrong direction) to find it closed and the one after that closed...luckily we happened upon some other runners who showed us the one station that was open-right across the street. We ran on, all stressed out, Natalie in particular. Come to find out she didn't know we had a timing chip! Hah, once she realized our time would start once we crossed the starting line and not before, she relaxed a bit. I however, had some work to do. I got out my disposable nursing pump that I had begged off of the hospital the day before and pumped, using Christy's jacket as a shield, until we made it to our stop. Such a nice memory, let me tell you.
We made it to the starting point a bit after they started the race, but because there were about 16,000 people running the race, we were just fine to wait and hop in when we felt like it. Christy, Catlin, and I stayed together while Natalie ran ahead. Christy stayed with us for about 3 miles, but she couldn't stay with our 10 min pace--she kept running faster. She was like a little magnet being pulled along with the rest of the crowd. At first we kept calling her back because she wanted us to pace her, but we finally gave up and let her go. Catlin and I had a blast. In fact, around mile 8, Catlin was close to bursting out in song. She was talking talking talking about how wonderful everything was and how happy she was. It was pretty funny, because usually she's not a big talker, but she couldn't stop. It reminded me of when I ran the marathon with Ryan, I was gibbering on. Accomplishing such a big goal like a marathon or half and feeling good physically while running it can really lead to moments of euphoria, I don't know how else to describe it.
Around mile 11, our energy started slowing (looking back we should've taken some more glucogel), but we pushed through it, and around mile 12, we were only passed once while we were passing the other people. The end was my favorite, though. We were really pushing hard to finish strong. About 100 yards from the finish, Catlin called out, "Help me, Katie!" (I thought it was pretty amazing that she would ask for help when she felt she needed it). I got right next to her and "strongly encouraged" her to, "Push it! Push it! Beat this guy! You've got it!" We ran together over the finish line, and I've never had such an emotional finish. We were both near tears. We had run together the whole time, and we finished strong, together. We had three goals: First, to finish; second, to run it in 2:45; third (our ultimate goal), to run it in 2:30. We were so happy to find out we ran it just under 2:20! I loved running the race. It was the first race for all of us but me. They all did so well, Christy and Natalie coming in at 2:08 and 2:09 respectively.
After the race we zipped back to the hotel, I showered, and we left for home. The ride back took us as long as the ride to. Ryan was a rockstar. He was so supportive, and he watched the kids with out complaint, even though his day included trying to feed a baby a bottle with little luck, bundling the kids up and taking them all on the subway in time to be at the finish line, and then driving for 6 hours to get home. Honestly he was so great.
I know that's a long story, but it was such a good experience. It's reminded me that we're all capable of more than we think we are, and that often, we have the ability, we just have to have faith in ourselves that we can do it.
Now comes training for the Provo marathon June 11th. My awesome sister-in-law Nikki is going to run it with me. I've promised Ryan that I'll never run past 9am when he's home, since my last marathon training took over our lives...should be interesting!

Spring Break

This last week was Ryan's spring break so we decided to go somewhere fun. My friend Ali told us about this great deal for an indoor water park in Queensbury, NY. It was $100 per night for both the hotel and water park. We went for a few days, hanging out with the Pilgrims for a morning before they left, and had a blast. It was so nice to have the hotel and water park connected, because Ryan could take the older boys to the park while I stayed to feed Landon and let him nap. I would join up with them later, we played, and then had nap time. How easy is that? As awesome as that is, the best part was the fact that the boys loved it. Carter is a stinkin' little daredevil. Besides the two slides he wasn't allowed to go down, he went down all of the other slides by himself. He would then wait at the bottom until Ryan or I followed after, so that we'd run into him and splash him. Josh liked the slides too, but he preferred the strategic move of hanging out at the spots where he could shoot water at us when we were coming off of the slides.

Josh showing us how excited he was to be at the water park. I'd say pretty excited.

Honestly, getting a posed picture is impossible!

Carter watching a movie on the ipod. I love his squished cheeks.

Me, Carter, baby Landon, Ali, and Cora watching the others play in the kiddie pool. Ali was so nice to sit with Landon while both Ryan and I played with the older boys for a bit.

Josh loved it when we'd wait "unsuspectingly" at the bottom and get splashed by him. He thought it was hilarious even after the 50th splash.

See that big green slide on the left? There's a blue one on the other side. Carter went down both of those. (So did Josh). It was so cute to see his little legs spread out as he slid down. When I asked the life guard if Carter could go down, he said, "Sure, but most kids end up crying at the bottom." I told him Carter wasn't like most kids (I'm sure he's never heard that before!) and we watched at the bottom: my little daredevil was laughing!

This slide was the best for Carter. Quick access and not a lot of traffic.

And here we go trying to get a cute picture of the boys...

Here Landon, eat this...

What, you want to see them too?

Okay boys, out of the picture!

All of us in the lobby. It was a gorgeous place.

Josh is totally getting that huge bear.

Carter loved to play with those water fountains. He'd get drenched in the face, but he wasn't too worried about it.

And here's our picture in front of Carlo's bakery, from the TV show "Cake Boss". It's in Hoboken, NJ which was on the way home. We just happened to be there on St. Patrick's Day, so that plus the popularity of the place made the wait in line 2.5 hours! Needless to say, all we got from the place was a picture.

It was great having Ryan home the whole week, but I think he might be ready to go back to school for a bit...something about a nursing baby and two eager boys didn't make for much rest as a dad. Honestly though, this break was great, and we're refreshed and somewhat ready to get back into the swing of things.


Today we had a very nice day.  Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and we had a spontaneous stake conference.  It was nice for the kids to see an apostle/prophet.  When he walked into the room, it got really quiet and they boys could tell something was up.  I picked up Carter and pointed to Elder Anderson telling him that he was a prophet.  Carter's response?  He started patting his legs and singing "Follow the Prophet, follow the Prophet...".  Josh's response?  He thought it was very cool to see the 'a-possum-le-prophet'.

Oh Baby!

Big boy Landon

Carter eating an orange with a fork. He was hungry and had to take matters into his own hands, I guess. I snapped the picture right as he bit into part the peel.

Cute boys.

So, I have some very sad news. Landon, my perfect baby, has decided to become gassy. Most of my friends in Staten Island have heard my sob story...but here it is anyway. Around 5 weeks, Landon wouldn't sleep all day like he had been and started getting a bit gassy during different sections of the day. It's just gotten progressively worse. If he doesn't eat well, which is hard for him when he's gassy, then he doesn't sleep well. (He will love reading this when he's fifteen, I'm sure). He'll wimper and cry out. Luckily he's not too bad as long as he has a binky. I've tried many different things, gas drops, fennel, changing my diet, etc., and it seems that changing my diet has been the only thing to work so far. I'm not eating nuts, chocolate, or any kind of dairy, including my beloved spray butter. I'm hoping that I'll at least lose some weight on this kind of diet! I hate that he's gassy (just like my other two boys) because you never really know how to fix it...you just do your best until they grow out of it...or you switch to formula. The problem with that is you have to buy the expensive stuff! I'm just grateful that it's gas and not something else.
I'm getting ready to run the half marathon in Washington DC on March 26th. It is an awesome race. I've run the half once and the full once already in Washington DC, so I guess you could say that I love it. It's a pretty easy course and beautiful, and it's on a Saturday! I'm running it with three other good good friends, so it's going to be a blast. One of the girls, Natalie, talked about running a full marathon, and that got my juices flowing, I guess you could say, so I'm planning on running the Salt Lake marathon on the 24th of July. We'll see how it compares to the DC marathon. I'm thinking I've been pretty spoiled.
Ryan's sitting pretty right now. He's done with everything, so now it's just clinic, and he's really good with patients and fixing their teeth, so no complaints for him! Just to brag a bit, don't get jealous, but he's been awesome. He watches the kids while I run, cleans the house, and lets me unload on him all of my woes. The other day I was watching him wrestle with the boys, and man, he was looking good! Good looking man who loves his kids and smells really good--what more could a girl ask for?
Josh and Carter are doing well. They're great kids. Josh is the greatest little helper. I ask him to do a lot now, and he's very good at helping out, as long as the TV is off. Carter is not beating up on Josh as much and is getting pretty good at entertaining himself. Tonight, I was telling the boys something and said, "Can you believe it?" and Carter yelled out like a hallelujah, "I believe it!!" Josh is the best actor in the house. The boys love to hide (in rather obvious places) and have us find them. Well, now Josh is in on it and pretends like he can't see Carter. Pretty funny. Last cute thing: Landon loves music. If he's fussy at all, Ryan will turn on some music and Landon smiles and watches in awe while Ryan sings to him. He was cooing and singing along this morning. It was so much fun to watch.
Despite the issues I have with feeding Landon, I've been feeling like I'm getting into the groove of having three kids. I'm starting to figure out how to work things around Landon's schedule. As I was sitting down tonight, impressed with myself and my mad skills of being a mother of too many kids (kidding), I realized that the amount of TV watched by my children has probably doubled...oh well, I'm still going to say I'm a rock star.