Happy Birthday Baby!

Today was the day. Landon turned one! We didn't do much today--I've been sick with a stomach bug, Ryan's back in Oklahoma while we're here in Utah, and Grandma and Grandpa were taking Uncle Tom, Aunt Sissi and baby Sam to the airport, but we were able to squeeze in getting some yummy cupcakes at a little place here in town. Luckily we were able to celebrate with Ryan before leaving for our Utah trip and we opened presents, ate cake, and did the whole chi-bang. Not that Landon really cared. :)
I just love my little Landon. He sure is a busy little thing. He is getting into everything, especially here at my parents' house, where they aren't so baby proof! He's always opening the cupboards and pulling everything out that he can, trying to get into the bathroom, pulling toys out of their places...basically trying to get into whatever he thinks he shouldn't. He'll be about to do something he thinks is naughty, look back and wait for my reaction, and then go ahead and do it. He is super tough. He loves to wrestle and fight dirty, such as going for the hair or skin. He has such a great laugh. He's gotten this belly laugh that he'll use when I'm teasing him; I love to hear it. He loves to dance and he loves music. He also loves to be read to and will cry every time I close a book or any time he thinks we're done. I love him. Happy birthday my baby!


Family Pictures

Ryan's mom was here for Thanksgiving time, and we absolutely loved having her with us! The time passed way too quickly, but we were able to squeeze in family pictures. And I say squeeze because the one and only day that worked (before Linda left) to take them was on Thanksgiving. We were able to get a few good ones I think!

I love these last two pictures so much!