Introducing Cole

Katie has been asking that I blog about Cole's birth, so here you go:

I was going to end there, but I know Katie would be mad at me for taking the easy way out.  Let me add some details.

He was born at Ogden Regional Medical Center.  We got to the hospital early in the morning, checked in and settled down.  Katie got an IV, and the waiting began.  We didn't have to wait long, however, as Cole was born in the early afternoon.  True to form, after a few pushes, our little guy was here.  Much like Carter, he came super-fast.  Also like Carter, he came with a bruised face.

Everyone there couldn't believe his chubby cheeks, and shortly thereafter the pinching began.  Aunts, grandmas & cousins just couldn't help themselves.

He was blessed on the following Sunday at my parent's house, with lots of family present to watch & participate.  We were happy to have him there in Utah, with all of our loved ones close by to visit and support us.

We're excited to have this little guy with us.  He is a sweet little boy, who seems to be pretty content - except for when he's hungry... WATCH OUT!  His older brothers just adore him, and are doing there best to make sure he's loved and taken care of!