Happy Birthday Landonator!

Well.....it has been a while since I've posted.  Seems like that's the first sentence in every journal entry I write, so if nothing else, at least I'm consistent!

Landon has just turned six.  I get a bit nostalgic when I think that he'll never be five again.  I want him to grow and mature and contribute to this world, but birthdays are a reminder that my children are young for only so long!  And what a child he is!

We were planning on having a birthday party for him -on his real birthday!- this Friday.  It was to be complete with nerf gun games, pizza, and karate chopping foam plates (a party favorite), but he woke up with a cough and sounded pretty hoarse.  I debated on whether to cancel or not for just minute, but since I had been feeling a bit under the weather, I decided it would be best to postpone the party.  Of course he was disappointed.  Luckily, Ryan had the day off so he wasn't devastated, ha.  We opened presents from the family, went out to lunch....I figured we weren't so sick that we couldn't go out, just sick enough to raise eyebrows of mom's dropping their kids off to our home....and went to see the movie Trolls, which I'm not a fan of by the way.  It reminded me of the dream Dumbo had when he got drunk....the whole time.  Anyway, the day wasn't all a bust, and since we plan on having the party on Monday, I think Landon was happy with how it played out.

Friday evening though, Landon woke up struggling to breathe.  It's happened to both Josh and him before, so we knew more of what to do: hot shower and then outside in the cold.  Ryan stayed with him on the couch the rest of the night, insisting he didn't need to go to the ER.  Luckily, Landon survived the night and I took him to instacare in the morning.  They gave him a steroid for croup and said he should be fine within the next 12 hours.  It was pretty cute, he was so excited that he didn't get a shot that we called it a birthday miracle.  Lucky things happen around birthdays, don't you know?  He's still not feeling well, and today's Sunday, so we might be postponing his birthday again.  I hope not, but it is what it is.  This poor kid has gotten sick on his birthday before...I guess it comes with being born during the winter.

Here are some things I want to remember about Landon:

-He is super smart.  He reads like it's nobody's business and loves school.
-He is so social.  I think one reason he doesn't get bored at school is because he loves people.  He loves to play with his friends....it's been a bit hard for him to be separated from his Farr West friends and living away from the kids in Snowhorse Elementary (we are building our house in Kaysville -Snowhorse's boundaries- but are renting in Layton) because it means that I have to organize play dates for him instead of him being able to play with anyone at anytime.
-He is very loving.  Landon tells me he loves me and gives me the best hugs through out each day.  He'll give me a little sideways look just full of love and happiness that makes my heart melt.
-He is still a tough guy.  He loves to wrestle and play rough.  He loves to yank his brothers to the ground and can drive them crazy.  He has another look that he gets when he's about to strike....if I see the look I know to hurry and step in.
-He loves to dress up and fight with weapons.  He got some cool nerf guns for Christmas and I think they have replaced his swords....he hasn't used his swords obsessively for a while now.  He and his friends or brothers often will use bandanas or my thick headbands as masks and play some kind of war game.
-He loves music and singing.  We got him a karaoke machine for his birthday and he loves it, as do his brothers.  He loves to have our electric piano play music, he loves to have my phone play music, and he loves to watch music videos (the approved-by-mom-and-dad kind).
-Landon is very eager and quite well behaved in church and school.  Because he's so active and rough with his brothers, I was a bit worried that he would be naughty in school and church.  But he's very good.  I'm sure the teachers have to remind him to behave every so often, but he listens.  And he loves to participate.
-Landon has a unique sense of style.  It's quite endearing to me. He is so very particular about his clothing and what looks good. He's always tucking his shirt in, even when he's wearing basketball shorts....he has to roll up his pant legs at least once or twice or three times!  He likes to wear socks with his sandals.  He loves to wear Cole's small church vest.  He doesn't like to wear his coat because it makes him "look fat".  He loves his hair brushed flat to the side, like squished flat with his hands over and over.
-Landon has such a good heart.  This little boy of mine is full of energy and fire.  He's active, coordinated, smart, and silly.  He's a happy soul and so very good (unless he's hungry or tired!!).  He is so attuned to spiritual things.  I know he will do many good things in the world and I'm grateful to be given the honor of being his mom.

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