Okay, okay, I'll do it....

It's definitely Ryan's turn to do a blog post, but since a lot of women do not have the luxury of a blogging husband, I'll give in and post again, even though it really is Ryan's turn to post. This will be short and sweet, but at least we'll be back in the blogging world, right?
We had such a good time in Utah for Christmas. We were able to go to Bear Lake for Christmas with Ryan's family, and we were able to go to the homecoming/farewell of my two brothers the next week with my family. Josh still talks about his family in Utah and says, "Remember when we flew on a plane, Mommy? To Utah? Remember?"
Some of my favorite memories from our trip:
-Josh not being as hesitant as usual. He was screamin' and hollerin' and having a grand ol' time. It sounded so good to hear him like that around other people. Normally he's very reserved.
-Carter crawling the day after Christmas.
-Being able to see cousins and family I don't usually get a chance to see.
-Spending Christmas at Bear Lake (Josh was excited to go to a lake with bears) and hearing grandpa Allen tell his version of "A Christmas Story".
-Seeing both brothers at the same time! Could've only been better if Erin and her gang were there.
-Playing games with my family and Jeff's pre-mission "friend". Lots of laughs.

Josh and Carter sporting their Thomas the Train Engine pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa Allen. Ryan and I sporting our Christmas pjs at his parent's cabin Christmas morning. It was great having Christmas at the cabin. No one could leave :), so we were able to spend a lot of time together.

Silly, silly Carter.

Cousin Hayden and Josh playing around with Aunt Nikki.

Josh loved Avery's helmet and goggles. She was sweet and let him use them for quite a while.

Ryan and Josh getting ready to play in the snow at the Allen's. We started building a fort, and I'm pretty sure Ryan was more excited than anyone else. Josh loved sledding and throwing the snow at his dad.
Carter and me for our "Christmas" at home. Since we left early for Christmas in Utah, we opened presents early at home. Honestly, the day I wrapped the presents, Ryan came home and tried to convince me we should open them.
My mom's family Christmas party. It was a lot of fun to see everyone, exchange marvelous white elephant gifts, and laugh about 2010 predictions.

Ryan and Josh our "Christmas" morning. Actually, it was Sunday afternoon.