A few pics

Here is a picture of the home Ryan and I really really want to get. It's a foreclosure, so we have these grand ideas of buying it cheap(er) and fixing it up. We'll see about that.
I'm so happy we started a babysitting co-op group! Now I can force Ryan into taking me out!

I told Josh and Carter to show they love each other. I think they did a pretty good job, don't you?
Then Josh wanted to have a picture showing love for the pillow pet, but Carter wasn't done showing "brotherly" love....hah, he still wanted to hug Josh.

I jog on our treadmill every Saturday morning while Ryan watches the kids. Well...Ryan let Landon out of his high chair, went to wipe it off, and in that smidgen of an amount of time, Landon ran over to the treadmill and face planted it. It was pretty sad! He is so tough though. No joke. I think it's probably because he's always getting injured from running and falling, walking into things, etc, etc.

Here's a picture of his sad little face a day or two after. I knew it would look messy!

I love Landon's laugh and smile. He's such a tease and loves to be teased.

Landon and his birthday cake, or what's left of it. He went to town on it! I think he enjoyed squishing it and destroying it -with out getting in trouble- more than anything else.

My dad took some pictures for Landon's birthday, and right before the pictures, he fell on his face on the concrete. :/ If he survives to age 5 we'll be lucky!!

I love this picture. Would it be bad to cut out sweet, little, not-paying-attention Carter?