Picture post

Here Carter's walking hand in hand with grandma, going to the Renaissance Fair that Cedar City puts on every year. It was great this year! The boys shot arrows, rode a tractor/train, got their faces painted, jumped in the bouncy castle, played games, and ate cotton candy. We loved it so much the first day (well, at least I did) that we went again the next day.
And here, Carter's getting his face painted, the second day. The first day they were dragons too, but a different kind...I loved the face painting...obviously, since I paid for it twice, heh.

It took the painter about three minutes to paint. She was amazing!

Here's Josh! I love the squinchy face.

He makes a pretty fierce dragon. He was pulling the "dragon face" all day.

Here's my sweet non-dragon Landon.

We went and flew kites up at Cross Hollows. There's a huge field and the wind is always blowing up there. I love this picture of Carter and his grandma.

Funny story: Josh wanted new pants to wear (as he often does) and he pulled out Landon's pants. I told him that they wouldn't fit, but he swore they would. Guess I was wrong!

The boys were having a foam war in the bath tub. Poor Carter doesn't quite have the hand-eye coordination that his older brother has.

We went up to northern Utah to see my grandparents, so the boys and I stopped at Ryan's parents for the night. It was great because everyone came to dinner. Here, aunt Nikki and uncle Scott are playing duck duck goose with the kids. Scott is single, by the way, and he plays well with children...just sayin! :)

Carter was so kind to brush my hair. Afterward he told me I was "a princess".

I bought cousin Lucy the game "Pretty Pretty Princess" for her birthday. I loved it when I was little and figured she would too. She did like it, but not as much as all the boys!

Here's cousin Michael all blinged out.

Elder Gourdin, well David now, was a missionary in Staten Island. We got really close, so he and his family stopped by on their way to Nevada one night. Josh and Carter were so excited!

Carter is such a ham.

One day I decided to get Landon out on the grass to see his reaction to it. Josh absolutely hated it as a baby, would lift up as much as his body off the grass as he could. Landon's the exact opposite: he was bent in half trying to get his face in the grass, touching it, laying on it. It was pretty cute.

For Daddy

Since Ryan's at officer training camp in Texas, I thought I'd post some pictures of what we've been up to while we've been missing him.

Landon has started doing the cutest thing: he gently grabs your face with both of his hands. Sometimes you're lucky and get a kiss. Josh got about five slobbery kisses here.

Landon has found his toes. It has helped in the keep-the-baby-entertained-for-a-minute department.

Mr. Cool. He got these glasses and ring pop from a package from his daddy along with other toys and goodies. He (we) loved it!

Crazy, cute boys. Carter was into his character the whole day.

Josh and cousin Lucy. Tell me this is not the cutest picture ever!

Landon gnaws on everything. More than the average baby. My mom has said, "I think he's teething" many many times.

Carter and Landon eating push pops, or whatever they're called. :) Actually, Landon was just holding Josh's while I took their picture...

Landon with Grandma Farnsworth. She is his go-to gal for snuggles and rockings to sleep.