Sick and Tired

I thought that we might be lucky, that we had been passed by....not a chance. Our friends the Donovans had sick kids (i.e. throwing up all over the place kind of sick kids) about two weeks ago, and since then, I swear, the bug has spread like wildfire. (Not their fault, their kids were healthy once the next kid got sick.) Anyway, it seemed like it was going away, but Josh started throwing up last night.... Carter threw up just a bit, so I was hoping that he had the same thing and was just really tough, but tonight Carter can't keep anything down. Hmmm...should make this next night even more interesting than the last!

Hip, healthy Josh.

Josh during lunch today. He woke up once I took the picture.

A little somethin somethin

Life is busy as a stay-at-home mom, I've decided....:) I'm sure the hubbies wonder what goes on all day (especially when the house is nice and dirty when they get home), but trying to clean, feed, dress, play, nap, and teach your kids takes a lot of work! It was brought to my attention (by a cute little 2 1/2 year old) that I spend too much time doing the "work" when my boys are awake and in need of some mom-time. Last night, I was getting the boys ready for bed (Ryan was still at school, blah) and as usual, I was in a rush to dress them, brush their teeth, read them all probably know how it goes. While I was getting Josh dressed, though, instead of wrestling his pajamas onto his skinny arms and legs, I started tickling his belly and singing to him. (Usually, I have half of my brain devoted to Josh and the other half devoted to Carter, but I made myself pay all of my attention to Josh....Carter was safe, heh.) He crawled into my lap and snuggled up to me and put my arms under his legs so I would hold him "like a baby". He and I cuddled for a few songs with him sweetly smiling (I'm not making this up!), and then Josh calmly went to bed, and I could tell he felt satisfied and knew that his mom loved him. :) Makes me wonder how many special bonding moments I've missed! My new goal is to use my time a bit more efficiently (i.e. cut out the t.v. marathon after the boys go to bed, perhaps get up earlier....perhaps) so that I'll be more available to my boys' little needs and wants, instead of being tied to the laundry, and so I'll have more bonding moments with my kids. Nothing like a good cuddle to remind me to get my priorities straight!

I love watching the boys play with their dad. He's so goofy with them, and they love it! Nothing beats having a dad, or a good lookin' hubby, like Ryan. :)

Hat picture...I tell you what, I would love to have a little girl someday, but I love having a crazy house full of boys.

One night I went to help Josh in the bathroom, and I left the tub of desitin on the floor in the boys' room. As I was helping Josh (I must of only had 25% of my brain devoted to Carter at that time), I was thinking that Carter was being really quiet, which is not his style, and decided to go in and check on him. You can't really tell from the picture, but the desitin was about a 1/4 inch thick on his face (or maybe 1/8 of an inch but 1/4 sounds better), on the rug, and all over the floor. While I was taking pictures, Josh was can see him in the background.