We are getting settled here in Oklahoma. The weather has been fantastic, over 100 degrees for the past 3-4 months. You walk outside and feel the hot wind on your face--nothing better. Because of the weather, we've been doing a lot of staying inside and taking small trips to Walmart. Say what you want about the place--it has nearly everything you need in one place at not too bad a price. I grumble as I feel guilty about not shopping at the little guys' stores, but I can't help shopping there all the same.
Ryan's getting settled into work at Fort Sill. Not that he's actually worked on any patients, he'll be doing that next week, but he's going to classes and doing "stuff", leaving a little before 7am and getting back a little after 5pm. The other night we went out to Meers restaurant with all the dental residents and had a good time. The food there is pretty awesome. They have amazing burgers and delicious peach cobbler with home made ice cream. It looks like a dump, but turns out to be a champ. Hah.
The boys are doing well, but really really missing their New York friends. Today Josh wrote a letter to his friend Hannah that said, "Dear Hannah, I love you a lot so I'm going to marry you. I like you a lot so we should get married some day. I'm going to come visit you so please don't leave until we get there. Love, Joshua Ryan Allen." It melted my heart. The only issue is that he wrote it during sacrament meeting...:)
Carter is getting potty trained. With Josh we struggled so much (from pushing it on him too early) that I was really not looking forward to potty training Carter. Well, I had nothing to worry about, because he has done great. We've even gone to the store and he told me to stop for the bathroom, day two of potty training. I know. Awesome.
Landon is crawling around and teething up a storm. We'll say it's due to the teething, but he sure has found his screaming voice. He loves to kick both together legs super fast and he's the quickest smiler around. He's a doll and he loves his brothers. His brothers love him too. That makes me very happy.
So all in all, life is good. I love living in a house, I love my family, and I love the gospel. We're so lucky that wherever we go, we have new friends awaiting. We never forget our old friends though. We love you guys and miss you. Any one wanting to visit, we know of a really good place to stay!
The boys "riding" a car at the mall. The mall has a little play area for the kids that we took advantage of one day.

Ry and the boys making Texas sheet cake. Ryan is funny and will perfect certain dishes that really appeal to him. This is one of those. Too bad he placed it in the oven to get it out of the way, and I happened to forget and burnt it a teeny bit...

A few good ones

The boys definitely missed the rough play they get with their dad!

Carter loves to hold Landon. And Josh likes to be big and pick him up while walking around. You how kids hold cats awkwardly? That's what it looks like with Josh before I am able to snatch Landon away...

Ooh I just want to kiss that dirty little pirate's cheeks!

Dad and the boys reunited at last! Josh was a bit hyper from all the excitement...:)

Ryan with his buddy Matt from officer training camp.