For Daddy

Since Ryan's at officer training camp in Texas, I thought I'd post some pictures of what we've been up to while we've been missing him.

Landon has started doing the cutest thing: he gently grabs your face with both of his hands. Sometimes you're lucky and get a kiss. Josh got about five slobbery kisses here.

Landon has found his toes. It has helped in the keep-the-baby-entertained-for-a-minute department.

Mr. Cool. He got these glasses and ring pop from a package from his daddy along with other toys and goodies. He (we) loved it!

Crazy, cute boys. Carter was into his character the whole day.

Josh and cousin Lucy. Tell me this is not the cutest picture ever!

Landon gnaws on everything. More than the average baby. My mom has said, "I think he's teething" many many times.

Carter and Landon eating push pops, or whatever they're called. :) Actually, Landon was just holding Josh's while I took their picture...

Landon with Grandma Farnsworth. She is his go-to gal for snuggles and rockings to sleep.

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