Party of Five

That's right. We're going where most New Yorkers (i.e. NYC dwellers) have never gone before: we're having baby number three! If there wasn't an LDS ward on the island, we could've set the record for most babies born in the shortest amount of time...Josh will be 3 1/2 and Carter will be 21 months....but we'll be okay with 3rd or 4th place. We are very excited to have this little baby. Ryan and I both think we saw some boy anatomy on the ultrasound ( it's still a bit early, I'm 14 weeks), but Josh is convinced we're having a girl. Either way, we're pleased. Jan 14th is the "official/unofficial" due date.
Joshua Ryan

Carter Evans

Blank Blank

They all look so much alike, don't you think?

Summer days

We were lucky to have Ryan's mom and brother come out to visit us this past week. The boys loved every minute of it! We went to Philadelphia for a day, went into the city to go to a temple session (then the boys split from the girls and went to a Yankees game), went to the beach, and stayed up way too late at night. We were sad to see them go, but luckily we'll be out in Utah in a little over a month. After we dropped Grandma and Uncle Scott off at the airport, Josh asked if we could fly to Utah once daddy got home from school. He also said he wanted to live in Utah, once he found out his cousins live by Grandma and Uncle Scott...such is life. :)

Josh and Ryan digging a really big hole. Josh loved the beach, much to his surprise. He's been convinced for months that he didn't like the beach...until Uncle Scott suggested it, then he acted like it was the greatest idea since sliced bread.

He's getting so big!

Carter was in heaven. Being able to get messy with out many regulations (besides no eating of sand or trash) was his kind of paradise.

Scott and Linda. The favorites for the week.

Josh and his beloved SpongeBob Popsicle (big thanks to Grandma for watching the boys while we went to the temple). He gets it every time we get cold treats in the city. Maybe it's because of the gumball eyes. That would've gotten me...

Carter riding the subway. It's so weird to think of what's normal life for my kids compared to how I grew up!

Independence Hall. One of my favorite places.

Josh and Uncle Scott. He definitely misses him!