A few good ones

The boys definitely missed the rough play they get with their dad!

Carter loves to hold Landon. And Josh likes to be big and pick him up while walking around. You how kids hold cats awkwardly? That's what it looks like with Josh before I am able to snatch Landon away...

Ooh I just want to kiss that dirty little pirate's cheeks!

Dad and the boys reunited at last! Josh was a bit hyper from all the excitement...:)

Ryan with his buddy Matt from officer training camp.


Catlin said...

We miss those cute boys! I'm glad you are all back together with Ryan again!

skinners said...

I looked at your last picture and thought, "wait a second, I've seen that picture before!" it was on matt's wife's blog! Matt and Lara Ellingson are two of my husband's BEST friends from high school. We haven't seen them in a couple years and now they're off to Germany. What a small world! :)