Goodbye School, Hello Summer!!!

 We celebrated finishing up joy school by going to the zoo.  Woo woo!
There's Preston, Carter, Aliyah, Landon, Joshua, and Chloe.  Carter did so well this year!  He no longer gets discouraged with imperfection (tough when you're a 4 yr old writer) and writes!!  He's also starting to read, which is always exciting.  Last year when we did joy school in Oklahoma, Landon was allowed to join in (because of awesome nice friends) but was really much too young.  This year, he did so well!  He loved art the most and I believe he knows all of his letters! 

 Josh and Aurelois on the last day of school.  It's kind of funny, a lot of people ask me how I handle having four boys, but I tell ya--on the last day of school the boys are always happy and filled with joy (Josh's words), and there are always at least three girls crying.  :)

 Joshua got the Golden Ram award for being super amazing....I don't actually know the true requirements, so we'll leave it at that.  Landon and Carter were there too, but they were probably running a muck somewhere nearby.

 Josh with his awesome teacher, Ms. DePace.  For being a young spring chicken, she was surprisingly old school in quite a few areas.  It was quite nice.  Near the end of the year, (when I started becoming capable of doing things outside of home and family) I started coming to volunteer every other Friday in Josh's class.  Ms. DePace was so excited and told me that she had never had a parent volunteer during her 4.5 years as a teacher.  Never!  I couldn't believe it!

And this is what we're doing now, going to parks or going on hikes or going to karate (karate's two nights a week and I'm dying here, ha!).  Our goal is to go on 20 hikes during the summer....which now feels like too lofty of a goal, since so far we've only done five.  Ha.