Ebay Is Amazing

Just thought that I would share with you all the most recent purchase that I made on Ebay. This solid wood entertainment center originally cost $600. My initial bid on it was $0.90. Too bad it didn't go for that amount. The price ended up doubling sadly, and I had to pay $1.80. Not bad for an entertainment center, right?

Josh is quite the helper in the kitchen. Now you know who makes the desserts in our family.

And now you know who does the vacuuming in our family.

This is Josh every morning when we go to pick him up. He just lays there for a good 10 minutes like this & talks to himself.

Josh just gearing up to go for a jog with his iPod.

Grab Your Popcorn & Settle In

Just to preface this... This video may not be all that interesting unless you: a) Are referred to by Josh as "Gampa" or "Gama"; b) You are related to Josh and feel it to be your duty to watch; c) You have a job with lots of down time for blogstalking; d) You're a dental student and are tired of paying attention to your lectures.

This is one of those "see what my kid can do" videos. It's over 6 minutes long, so I don't blame you if you skip it. I just couldn't decide what parts to cut. Enjoy.

They Said That?

Being an informed citizen takes a lot of work.  In my case it involves reading the paper on the subway on my way to school.  It takes me 10 minutes, and I do it at least once a week.  Today, during my weekly ritual, I had a couple things reinforced.  1) I'm still at the point where I'm pretty turned off by both candidates and 2)  I need to quit dentistry to become a bank executive.

1) As I've said before, this election's only value thus far for me is comedic.  Here are some quotes from the 4 candidates:
Obama: "Our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes - and I see many of them in the audience here today."  I though the term "fallen hero" meant they had fallen in battle, or in other words: they are dead.  Who are you looking at???
Biden: "You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. ...I'm not joking."  Wow, and people want a person like this in the Oval Office?  How is the media not all over this comment?
McCain: "Across this country, this is the agenda I have set before my fellow prisoners.  The same standards must be applied to my opponent."  Huh?  Are McCain's rallies all taking place in prisons?  Who is he talking to???
Palin: "They are also building schools so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan."  Wow, hand me a map.  Saying Russia is our neighbor is one thing... According to Delta, it is 7,411 miles from the good ol' USA to Afghanistan.  Define "neighbor".

2) In a Federal hearing on October 6, Mr. Fuld, CEO of the formerly-known-as company Lehman Brothers, denied having taken home more than $480 million in bonuses since 2000.  He uncomfortably stated it was not THAT much.  It was a more palsy sum of over $300 million!  In bonuses!  This from a company that was asking for Federal Aid to help keep them from collapsing.  The good news is we are making strides.  AIG's CFO had his "golden parachute" taken away from him.  He was slated to get $10 million in his severance package.  No better way to say "thanks for the bad bets" like an 8 figure severance.

How do I get into that career path?

As a side-note.  Here is reason #468 that I love New York.  For the past few months I've been riding my bike to the Staten Island Ferry, where I chain it up at a bike rack literally 10 feet away from a booth where a security guard it stationed 24/7.  Two nights ago I came home to find my bike, chain & helmet were all gone.  When I talked to the security guard all he could say was, "Sorry, I didn't see anything.  That's not my job."  Really?  You didn't see someone with a huge pair of bolt cutters come clip my chain and then make off with everything?  Unbelievable.

Get Ready For HSM3

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I'm So Tired Of All This Political Hogwash

Let's be honest.  This election has gotten to be pretty tiring.  I just want it to be over, and I don't really care for either candidate.  Here is a third (and better) option for all of you that feel the same way I do:

Thanks Corey for tipping me off to this excellent candidate

Josh and some cayenne pepper

Life is going well for us. Nothing too major has happened, but lots of fun small things happen each day, so we're happy

A couple weeks ago some friends from our ward, the Petersens, and the missionaries came over for dinner. Both Grant and Ryan were complaining of colds (the famous man-cold, to be sure) so one of the elders said he had the perfect remedy for it. To sum it up, he told us that he learned of this cayenne pepper-herbal tea concoction from an Indian tribe. He said the cayenne pepper burns away anything bad and the herbal tea is added to make it less painful. Crazy, I know. Sadly, both of the guys claimed to have felt worse the day after, not better. Maybe it's because they didn't do the chanting that was supposed to go along with it....I had a video to go with it, but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe Ryan can help me...

Here's our big boy Josh getting ready for the day while eating. Josh now says "Hey!" for everything,"oh no!" when he's doing something he's not supposed to, and his favorite person is probably his little friend, Hannah. We say, "Josh, who are we going to visit?" or "Where are we going?" and he'll say "Hannah!". He says her name when he's happy, when he wants to leave the house, and when he wants to go visit her. They love to play together! Here at the bottom is a video of the two together.