Cute Missionary

My baby brother Jeff, I mean, Elder Farnsworth is on his mission in the Philippines until January. He asked me to start a blog for him so that friends from America and the Philippines can read it if they'd like. So, here it is, for anyone interested!
By the way, this guy, this Elder, is hilarious. Ryan teaching him to how drive a stick shift is one of my favorite memories ever. :) He's also one of the nicest guys I know. (Even though he probably wouldn't want me to say that). I'm proud to be his big sister.

Pre-mission photo.

One size fits all

I've had many many people tell me my babies look alike. Of course I agree. The fun part is to hear who looks like who to other people. These pictures are all taken when the boys are around 8-9 months of age....and I have to admit, they look more alike than I realized! (The first two are Landon, second set of two are Carter, and the last two are Josh).

Luckily we think they are cute. :)

Late Welcome for Baby!

On August 27th, little Sam Allan Farnsworth was born in Germany. In Germany, far away from his auntie Katie who really wanted to snuggle up to his newborn self. He belongs to my younger brother Tom and his wife Sissi. I'm not going to lie, it's always been a little hard being away from family, (especially since the last time I've been with all of my immediate family at one time was back before Josh was born) but I've really been missing everyone lately. Maybe it's because I'm still coming down from the high of seeing both Ryan's and my family for so long, maybe it's because we're all missing cousins and friends from New York and Utah, or maybe it's because we wish we could share in all the big moments of our families' and friends' lives. Whatever the case, we are missing loved ones! In spite of all that, how lucky are we to have so many good friends and family to miss?

Okay, I've digressed from my original point--We love Sam! We love Sissi! And we hope to meet both of you soon! If any of you are in Germany, please stop by to give sweet Sam some hugs and kisses from his aunt...

See past what it seems...

I was blog surfing, and found a link to this article. It really touched me, so I thought I'd share it with you. If you take some time to read it, I'm pretty sure you'll be glad you did.

Oh, and here are a few cute pictures because I just can't resist...

Carnival, Joy School, and My Joys

I love the look Landon is giving to Josh, kind of a suspicious, what are you doing here kind of look. The carnival man in charge of this ride told us we could put Landon on the ride...I didn't really want to, but I've got no back bone, so we put him on and told Josh to hold him nice and tight. He survived, and after the ride the old carnival man rushed to pick him up and hold him for a minute (with me next to him). I wasn't too excited, but sometimes it just feels good to hold a baby, and I figured this guy must need a baby fix.

Landon's just happy to be watching his big brothers have all the fun.

What a lucky girl I am to have four handsome, happy men in my life!

Our joy school group. Poor little Maggie has to put up with these ruffians! I am absolutely loving joy school. The kids are loving it, and it feels good to have some organized, fun, teaching time with the kids.

Carter is absolutely hilarious. He has started this new little giggle that melts my heart. He is also completely accident prone. Luckily he looks prepared.

Josh is a great kid. He lets Carter tackle him and picks up Landon under the arms now. :) He's gotten into the young kid, not toddler, speech, and he reasons everything.

Little angel. Especially now that he can crawl to whatever entertains him. Heaven.