Showcasing Skills

I figure since this video clip gives an idea of just how talented my son is, I might as well show everyone what I've been talking about. Here you can see Josh walk, say "dada", and sit up. Simply amazing!

Parenthood is pretty darn cool.

Real Men Drive Buicks

So for those of you who didn't know me in High School, and don't believe that I was the Mac-Daddy of all, here you go. Let's just say, the proof is in the Buick.

It was a car known far and wide for is luxurious interior, a full bench in the front seat, power EVERYTHING, a horn like a train, and my fathers favorite aspect: a hood and trunk stretched so far away from the interior of the car that it would take the proverbial two trains headed in opposite directions, one going 60 miles an hour, the other going 50 miles an hour - slamming into it from both ends for us to ever be in danger of being maimed during an accident.

However, as is the case with all good things, it had to come to an end. Here were our final moments with the Buick (before my dad sold it to an 80 year old woman, who I'm sure was unable to appreciate it like Erika & I did).

Party Like It's 1998

So here is a little flashback to the year 1998. What a great year it was. My family often enjoys a game called "airplane". If you haven't played it with us, trust me, it's funny. This video shows it all. This is about the funniest kid in the world - the one and only Blake Johnson.