Landon and Leaving

My sweet little Landon is almost 5 months old. He's rolling over now, from front to back and back to front. He was so cute at the doctor's office: he had just figured out how to roll from back to front that same morning, so the whole time we were at the doctor's, he was rolling over--or trying to. I kind of got the feeling he was trying to show off a bit. :) He is such a joy. He will smile and laugh for anyone. He definitely prefers to be held, but he likes to be standing up if you're holding him. Honestly, he loves to stand up. He's nursing much better, which is lucky for him, because I was about to make the switch to bottles. Hah, I've almost switched to bottles with all of my boys. Maybe it takes me being serious about switching them to bottles to get them to nurse well...Anyway, I digress. He just melts my heart.

The big boys with their Grandpa Allen

Oh, and we're moving this coming week. I'm not excited about it. We are going to miss our friends (but more like family) so much! It makes me almost sick to think about leaving such good friends, so I kind of avoid thinking about it. Too bad it's going to smack me in the forehead within the next few days! But to all of you Staten Islanders, we will miss you!

Not a single one....

For Easter weekend my parents were able to come out to visit for a few days. It was the first time the had seen Landon, so it was pretty exciting to have them come! The weather was cah-razy, sunny one day, cold and rainy the next, but we still had fun. We spent time playing the Wii (Dance Mix II is a good one my friends)., the boys did their best to wear out grandpa, we went into the city and walked the Brooklyn Bridge one last time (sad to be checking off my last list), grandma and grandpa went to the Statue of Liberty while we went to our ward Easter party, and we basically had a great time enjoying each other. Oh, and we tried really hard to take family pictures. Successful? We were looking through the pictures to see if there were any good ones, and I don't think I've ever heard my mom laugh that hard. Honestly. So with out further ado, here's a mini montage of our family photo shoot. Maybe we can all go into modeling....

Okay, Carter. You're going to sit down, you're going to smile for the camera, and you're going to like it!

Josh, scoot closer, sweetie! Carter. Really. Act like you're happy. Landon, look at grandpa! Or at least somewhere near the camera!

Here comes daddy's contribution: skittles.

Didn't work. Poor boys. Hah, I love that Josh is trying to be the responsible older sibling and force out a smile, that I look overly happy ("See kids? This is fun."), and that Ryan's got the strained I-hate-family-pictures smile going on. Oh, and Landon and Carter are, well, just plain done.

Josh's face cracks me up, and I can just hear Carter just letting out a big "hurumph!"

Oh man, it's so great to have visitors, especially ones that I really like. :) It's just good for my soul. And for my babies' little souls. And Ryan? He gets a bit of a rest, so I think it's good for his soul too. That's one thing that will make moving away a bit easier, we'll get to be with family for a good little while.

Pure joy.