Army Ball and....

Ryan and I after the army ball. We forgot to bring a camera, whoops! The ball was a dinner with a lot of talking, traditions, power point presentations, and a little bit of dancing at the end. There were a lot of laughs, a lot of me getting in some good people-watching, and good company, but I was definitely ready to end the dinner part and start the dancing part. We had a sitter that was expecting us home at 10:30pm, and I wanted to get a few real not-dance-by-yourself-in-your-house dances in. But I loved going to something fancy and formal with Ryan. I still get that shy/excited feeling when we go out, when he opens my door and guides me with his hand on my back....That's either a good sign, or a sign that we don't go out enough!

I'm trying to get more pictures taken of me, because I'm usually the one breaking out the camera. I feel a wee bit stupid for saying, "Hey, take a picture of me!" but I figure it's better to have documentation of me with my boys than to worry about maintaining any sense of pride.

Landon really enjoyed his cupcake for the first half, then decided it wasn't as great as he first thought. That's how I usually feel after my second-or third-handful of skittles.

Landon all clean and sweet as can be after his bath.

Some of my favorite pictures of my two younger brothers are of them in their church clothes when they were little, so I thought I'd take Josh out to do a quick photo shoot of him in his shirt and tie. He didn't disappoint. And if any of you know Ryan's family, I think you'll agree that Josh is an Allen through and through. Sometimes he looks like Ryan, sometimes he looks like uncle Scott, and sometimes he looks like uncle Matt. Luckily for Josh, all of them are good looking, so he shouldn't have too many worries about his future prognosis as a stud muffin.

This is why moms are so attached to their boys! I just think he looks so sweet and innocent in this picture. Don't grow up, Josh! Don't do it!

Eh, he did it. He's no longer a little boy. He's a pre-teen.

Carter has a determined (code for stubborn) side to him, but he also has this near-angelic side to him that makes me want to just eat him up. He and Josh have to sit right next to Ryan at dinner time, so Ryan's always squished while Landon and I have the rest 3/4 of the table to ourselves. Works out quite nicely!
Look at that love! That is one happy and lucky boy.

Dinnertime. Lucky Ryan, isn't he?

And one last picture just for kicks. Carter is all ready for his hair cut.

Life in Lawton

Kissable little Landon.

So life is going well for us here in Oklahoma. We were able to close on the house that we wanted so we are really excited! We got an amazing deal and feel extremely lucky to have gotten it. With it being a foreclosure that needs work done, we'll close on the house mid April and then move into it the first of June. That is if everything goes according to plan...

We just finished a fun run of pink eye in our house hold. Luckily I don't think we passed it on, but we had all the boys taking medicine just in case. Landon was the main sufferer of the group though. Let me tell you, putting eye ointment in your 4 year old's eyes and almost 3 year old's eyes is no joke. Putting it in four times a day along with eye drops every three hours for your baby is simply hilarious. I am so glad to be done with that!
This Friday is the army ball for dentac, and I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited! It's nice to have a reason to get dressed up, and it's really nice that it's something that Ryan basically has to go to. We're going dancing and I'm not forcing it on him...basically because it's the army forcing him to go instead. Hah.

It seems like the kids are growing up so fast. Life really has a way of sneaking past you when you're not looking! I'm loving this stage of life. Landon's starting to talk and get this little toddler personality, Carter's acting more and more like he's four, not almost three :), and Josh is ready to start kindergarten...or junior high, one of the two. And just now, I took a break to chew out the kids for being nosy while they're supposed to be asleep. So much for that touchy-feely moment I was having! Someday I will be that perfect mom...maybe that's what a grandma is.

The boys went to play outside during our one big(ish) snow storm. The snow was melting pretty fast, so the boys ended up playing in lots of mud.

Ryan's doing really well with the residency. I'm quite proud of him. He puts a lot of effort into his work, and he's just naturally good at it. It's fun to see his professional side, and when I do, it often makes me think I don't have a clue as to how great a guy I got married to. Do you ever do that? You ever see your spouse in a different light and think, "Huh. I'm pretty lucky to be attached to this one"? I do. It's nice to have those moments.

Bowling night with the kids. I almost beat Ryan! (Or maybe I got a 41...)