Cole's the Birthday Boy

 Sweet Cole turned one the day after Ryan and I got back from Europe.  And yes, I planned it that way.  I felt guilty enough leaving the little guy for two weeks, I was not going to miss his birthday!  The celebration was pretty low-key.  Ryan and Josh went to Wal Mart to pick out a cake mix, and Josh chose the fantastic purple frosting.  We had bought Cole a little push-popper thing before leaving for Europe, and it got played with the day of his birthday, so he had no present to open there....Grandpa Farnsworth had gotten him a couple gifts, though, and I have to say, I was a bit impressed and surprised.  He got him blocks and a little toddler-safe sword and shield.  Very fun and very age appropriate.  Good job Dad!

Cole has been such a delight.  He's very easy going.  Sometimes I forget that and he'll give me a moment of orneriness to remind me how lucky I am to have such an easy-tempered 4th child.  Here are some things I want to remember about my birthday boy:

-Cole loves to be outside.  Loves it.  When we go on walks, he's quiet and happy.  But he has started throwing fits once we come inside and close the door.  Sadly, we have a teeny, not-super-kid-friendly back yard, unlike my parents', so we're going to have to make an extra effort to get him some sun-time.

-Cole loves to wrestle and rough-house.  He does really well being picked up, tossed around, bumped, and teased by his three older brothers.  He's a tough little nugget and tends to frighten other babies a bit....heh.  They aren't usually as interested in rough housing as he is.

-Cole laughs easily.  He loves to be tickled, to play peekaboo, to be chased, and to have funny faces pulled at him.  

-Cole is a really good eater.  It didn't necessarily start out that way, but he's come to eat almost anything put in front of him.  As long as he can pick it up and feed himself, he's good.

-We used to think Cole didn't like to read.  He'd try and turn the pages or close the book anytime we'd read.  But just a few days ago, instead of reading in order, I just let him turn to whatever page he fancied, and we ended up reading for quite a while.  You'd think I'd have figured it out before now!  So, I am happy to say Cole likes to read, as long as he can be in charge of what's read.

-Cole doesn't talk a whole lot yet.  He says "Mama" and "Dada" and "Dall" (for ball) and "Da" (for dog) and maybe a few others, but that's about it!  He signs dog and ball and more.

-Cole is a climber.  He climbs the stairs, climbs on chairs and kid tables and basically anything he can step up onto.  However, it hasn't carried over to him climbing out of the crib thank goodness!  I'm hoping he's follows the trend of his brothers and doesn't learn that before age 2.  :)

 Cole, we love you so much!  We are so happy that you're in our family.  When you're daddy blessed you, he said that you'd be a peacemaker.  That is so true.  You bring such a calm, peaceful spirit into our home.  Here's to many more birthdays!

Silly Grandpa!

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